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English Language Learners
We are fortunate to have many students in our classrooms whose first language is other than English and offers services, for those who qualify, to assist in the acquisition of English. Libertyville District 70 students have indicated background in the following languages: French, Lithuanian, Ukranian, Arabic, Greek, Hungarian, Portugese, Italian, Swedish, Kikamba, Malayalan, Gujarati, Cantonese, Pilipino, Japanese, Serbian, Hindi, Thai, Polish, Romanian, Mandarin, Korean, Bengali, German, Marathi, and Telugu. Students new to District 70 who indicate on the Home and Language Survey that a language other than English is spoken in the home or by the student are screened to determine eligibility to participate in English Language Learner programming.
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Title I
Title I is a federally funded program designed to support services and materials that will close the achievement gap in reading and mathematics. Please see "Title I FAQ" for a list of frequently asked questions regarding this program in Libertyville District 70.
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Title I FAQ
Frequently asked questions regarding the District 70 Title I program
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Parent Preview Letter
Letter for parents describing information regarding puberty provided to students by District 70 social workers and nurses.
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