Libertyville District 70 has recently chosen STEMscopes, an online science curriculum from Accelerate Learning, as our primary instructional resource for teaching science in kindergarten through fifth grade.

STEMscopes is built on an instructional philosophy that centers on students learning science through hands-on exploration and inquiry. Each lesson includes a series of investigations and activities to bring science to life for our students so that they can “learn by doing” and fully engage in the scientific process.

Lessons are built using the research-based “5E+IA” model, which stands for Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate, Intervention, and Acceleration. Each one of these components of the lesson cycle features specific resources to not only support our students’ understanding of scientific concepts, but also that of our teachers. STEMscopes features many resources for our educators including embedded professional development, lesson instructions, setup videos, and an assessment bank where custom assessments can be created.

The program is strictly aligned to Illinois Science Standards and includes resources that incorporate literacy, math, music and videos, interactive tools, and a variety of assessment methods. Developed in partnership with Rice University, the program has been utilized since 2007 and is used by schools and school districts across the country.

We are eager for students to engage in learning about science with STEMscopes.

Updated 2-6-2017 8:42 AM
April 2018 Science Update

April 2018 Science Update

Updated 5-3-2018 2:18 PM