K-5 Math Overview

Libertyville District 70 uses Math Expressions as its primary instructional resource for teaching math in kindergarten through fifth grade. Aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards, Math Expressions is a research-based, comprehensive program that supports the teaching and learning of mathematics through a balanced approach. Through the use of visual models, manipulatives, conceptual language, and real-world problem solving, students work as mathematicians to explore, discuss, and demonstrate their understanding of key math concepts.


DreamBox is the new online component for math in Libertyville District 70. Using adaptive technology, DreamBox individualizes learning for each student, assessing student performance within each lesson and differentiating future learning experiences to support struggling, advanced, and on-level students. Lessons are game-based, motivating and engaging students while developing conceptual understanding, reasoning, and problem solving skills.

Updated 10-1-2018 8:41 AM