Snow DayHow is a Snow Day Determined?
While it is always a goal to have students in school, when safety is an issue, there is no compromise to placing children at risk. 
With that in mind, when there is a forecast of inclement weather, television and radio stations, as well as reports from the National Weather Service and Weather Channel, are monitored. 
When heavy snow or extremely cold temperatures are predicted, superintendents in neighboring school districts begin planning as early as 4:30 a.m. the morning of, or sometimes even the night before a storm. Communication is maintained with District 70's bus company representatives and the district's maintenance/snow removal crews as well.
Please understand that there are many factors that go into making the final decision because D70 understands canceling school may be inconvenient for students and parents, as well as teachers and staff. 
The decision involves: 
  • Building conditions: Do the buildings have heat, light, and power?  
  • Site conditions: Are the parking lots plowed? Can buses get in and turn around? Can parents drop off students? Are the school exit doors free of snow?
  • Bus operations: Can the bus drivers get to the bus company? Do the buses start? Do the drivers feel comfortable driving? 
  • Road conditions: Are the roads continually plowed and is traffic moving? 
  • Air temperature: How cold is it? What is the wind chill? Can children safely walk to school or wait outside for a bus? 
If the answer is yes to these questions, most likely the decision will be to keep schools open.
Generally, a decision needs to be made by 6 a.m. or sooner, in order to try and catch anyone before they leave for school and/or work. 

When a decision is made to close schools, D70 families will be informed in several ways: 
1) An announcement is made on the D70 website -d70schools.org- and all the school websites.
2) The message is pushed out through automatic phone calls from Supt. Barbini through the D70 notification system to phone numbers D70 families provide during registration. Please make sure your contact information is current every winter.
3) Parents who have opted in to do so will receive a text (SMS) message. (To opt-in to receive emergency notices via text, please text Y or YES to 67587)
4) The message is delivered through D70 email to family email addresses provided during registration. Please make sure your contact information is current every winter. 
5) The announcement is posted to Twitter @LibertyvilleD70, Facebook @LibertyvilleD70, and Instagram @libertyville_d70.
6) All school names are broadcast as closed on WGN-AM (720), WBBM-AM (780), and CBS-TV (2), NBC-TV (5), ABC-TV (7), WGN-TV (9), Fox-TV, and CLTV cable.
7) All school names are listed on the Emergency Closing Center at www.emergencyclosing.com

There is no set amount of snow that will trigger a snow day; all factors depend upon circumstances and the ability to get children and staff to and from school safely. Safety is, and always will be, the major concern.
(Updated Nov. 2019) 
Updated 11-14-2019 12:35 PM
CalendarHow is the School Calendar Created?
Annual school calendar creation is generally a multi-step process. It begins with a countywide calendar committee meeting each year, where representatives from every Lake County school district assemble to create a three-year calendar. From this group comes a recommended Lake County calendar that is sent to all Lake County school districts. Using this calendar as a guideline, District 70 works to establish consistent vacation and holiday dates. Although Libertyville High School District 128 follows its own process to create a one-year calendar, an attempt is made to keep the District 70 and District 128 calendars aligned, if possible. As such, the District 70 calendar allows for its own beginning/ending of school dates as well as conference and teacher workshop days. The District 70 Board of Education and the Regional Office of Education in Lake County then approve the District 70 calendar. State of Illinois guidelines require that the calendar include 185 school days with five emergency/snow days being deducted at the end of the year if not used. This entire process takes several months from beginning to end.
Updated 8-10-2010 4:48 PM