About the Technology Department
Photo of  Dmitry Andrievsky The Technology Department is primarily responsible for facilitating the use of educational technology resources by students and staff. As such, we oversee all of the following:
  • Classroom, office, and lab computers and all laptop computers including mobile computer carts
  • Classroom, lab and office printers
  • Servers, switches, routers, wi-fi access devices and all other network equipment 
  • Chromebooks, iPads, iPods, digital cameras and other technology devices
  • Software installation 
  • Network security and content filtering. 
We are also responsible for:
  • Staff Development in the area of technology
  • Development and maintenance of the District websites
  • Development and maintenance of Website Manager
  • Maintenance of the district's Student Information System
  • Back-up of critical data

Dmitry Andrievsky, Director of Technology
Technology Staff
Name Position Voice Mail
Tayler Hamrick Copeland Technology Literacy Coach
  Rockland Technology Literacy Coach
Art Hughes District Office Web Developer & Network Manager 7118
Caren Kimbarovsky Highland Technology Literacy Coach
Keith Lichtenauer District Office Tech Support Associate 7117
Kristi Petty District Office Tech Support Associate 7117
Jill Przybylski Adler Technology Literacy Coach
  Butterfield Technology Literacy Coach