About the Finance & Operations Department
Photo of  John Herrin Welcome to the Business Office! The Business Office is responsible for the Financial Accounting for the District, Transportation Services, District and Employee Insurance, Buildings and Grounds, and Food Services. The Financial Accounting activities include the Budget and Tax Levy, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order Information, Student Activity, State/Federal Reporting, Copy and Mail Services. The Transportation Services area provides a liaison between Community and the Transportation Services provider, Lakeside Transportation. The District/Employee Insurance activities include Contractual Agreement interpretations, Sick Bank Information, Payroll, IMRF/TRS Benefits, Health/Dental/Life Insurance, Workers' Compensation Claims, Sick/Personal/Vacation tracking, Section 125 Benefits, Section 459 Benefits, Tax Sheltered Annuities, and Wellness Benefits. The Buildings and Grounds area includes the upkeep and maintenance of facilities and grounds, custodial and maintenance staffing, the rental of facilities and corresponding fees. The rental of facilities needs to start at the Building being requested for rental. The Finance & Operations Department provides a liaison between the Community and Chartwells, the District Food Services providers. Thank you for visiting the Business Office Website and please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.
John Herrin, Director of Finance and Operations
Finance & Operations Staff
Name Position Voice Mail
Mike Adamczyk District Office Director of Finance and Operations
Barb Bowlby District Office Bookkeeper
Gina Cox District Office Supervisor of Accounts 7107
Stephanie Cox District Office Accounts Payable Supervisor 7114
Bill Harkin District Office Director of Finance and Operations