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leaf Being environmental stewards, we are now posting non-profit and community agency fliers here in District 70's Virtual Backpack. Fliers no longer are printed and distributed. Fliers are approved on a case by case basis. Remember to check back often to stay informed.

The fliers posted in the Virtual Backpack are the responsibility of the group listed and do not equate or imply District 70's endorsement.
Volleyball Illinois Juniors Volleyball
Information from the Illinois Juniors Volleyball group youth camp that plays at the Libertyville Sports Complex
Updated 5-23-2017 12:45 PM
Chemistry Camp Invention @ Copeland Manor School July 17-21
Sign up for Camp Invention this summer at Copeland Manor School and learn all about STEM with this award-winning program.
Updated 5-18-2017 11:08 AM
LHS Paw LHS Summer Camp Info
Information on the LHS summer camps.
Updated 5-15-2017 11:07 AM
Business Partners Lake Minear Beach Memberships Available
Lake Minear Beach Fishing Derby sign up is open. 
Updated 5-4-2017 5:55 PM
Business Partners Health & Fitness with Fuzion
A flier from Fuzion Health & Fitness. 


Updated 5-4-2017 4:23 PM
Business Partners M&B Party & Recreation

A flier featuring new business partner M&B Party & Recreation.  

Updated 5-4-2017 4:21 PM
District 70 Virtual Backpack Guidelines
2016-17 Guidelines for the District 70 Virtual Backpack. If you have something you would like posted to the Virtual Backpack, please read this document for instructions and criteria.
Updated 8-4-2016 11:12 AM
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