About the Curriculum Department
Curriculum The Director of Curriculum & Instruction monitors and facilitates review, adoption and evaluation of all K-8 curriculum content areas as well as insuring that supportive documents are maintained: Language Arts/Reading/Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Art, Music, Band & Orchestra, and International Languages. General Educational Programming The Director of Curriculum and Instruction also monitors and facilitates growth in the following general education programs: English Language Learners, Gifted Education, and General Education Resource . Grants and Funding The Department of Curriculum & Instruction is responsible for submitting all federal and state grants related to educational programs including the No Child Left Behind consolidated grant application (Title I, II, IId, IV, V), Reading Improvement, and competitive grants, as well as monitoring progress and submitting all required performance reports. Assessment Local and state mandated assessments are administered to students in Libertyville District 70. The Department is responsible for facilitating assessment administration (including ordering and distribution), coordinating the sharing of results with parents and the greater community, and utilizing the assessment information to help inform instructional and curriculum decision-making. Staff Support and Development The Director of Curriculum & Instruction works with teachers, building level and district administration to support student instruction that is research based. Staff development opportunities are created and offered that support current data and trends in education as well as support district supported curriculum and initiatives. School Improvement The Department supports building administrators in completing and submitting their School Improvement Plans. Building school improvement teams, facilitated by their building administrator, examine student performance data, generate goals for improvement, and incorporate instructional strategies supported by scientifically based research designed to improve student performance. Parent Curriculum Advisory Committee The Parent Curriculum Advisory Committee throughout the year to examine District initiatives and adoptions, and serves as a community to the liaison via building Family Associations. This valued committee is facilitated by the Director of Curriculum & Instruction.

Dr. Erik Youngman, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Curriculum Staff
Name Position Voice Mail
Barbara Anderson District Office Curriculum Admin. Assistant 7119
Stephanie Cox District Office District Registrar & Records Manager 7116